Witcham Parish Council

News and information from Witcham Parish Council, which plays a key role in Witcham, acting as a sounding board and defending the interests of the community.

Witcham Parish Council Members

Mick Housden


01353 777181

17 The Slade Witcham
Ely CB6 2LA

Responsibilities: Cemetery, Recreation Ground and Play Areas, CAPALC

Karl Mackender


01353 777640

19 High Street Witcham
Ely CB6 2LQ

Responsibilities: Cemetery

Julia Bibby


01353 777267

26 Martins Lane Witcham
Ely CB6 2LB

Responsibilities: Cemetery, Village Hall Committee

Laura Holdaway


01353 774717

Witcham House, Headleys Lane
Witcham, Ely CB6 2LH

Responsibilities: Cemetery

Jane Lucas


01353 777548

8 The Orchards
Ely CB6 2LR
Responsibilities: Cemetery, Public Rights of Way

Sue Bell

Parish Clerk/RFO

c/o17 Astley Close
Cambs CB6 2PG

Next Council Meetings

All items for the agenda must be received by the Clerk at least 1 week prior to the scheduled meeting. The meetings start at 7.30pm. There is an opportunity for the electorate to attend these meetings and provision is made for public participation/ question time, (15 minutes) at each meeting. Please contact the Clerk prior to the meeting. Tel 01353 778147

Proposed Meeting Dates 2020/21

Meetings commence at 7.30pm, 2nd Wednesday in the month, except August and December

8 July 2020
 9 September 2020
30 September 2020 Annual Parish Meeting 
(formerly cancelled due to Covid-19)
14 October 2020
11 November 2020
13 January 2021
10 February 2021 
10 March 2021
14 April 2021
28 April 2021 Annual Parish Meeting (to be confirmed)
12 May 2021 Annual Meeting of the Council 
9 June 2021
14 July 2021